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Eating Breakfast

Eating a balanced breakfast is one of the most helpful tools I have found for preventing bingeing. This post aims to explain why and also gives some examples of breakfasts that I enjoy making :)

When I was heavily restrictive with my eating, I often tried to avoid breakfast so that I could “save up” calories for my other meals in the day. I used advocates of intermittent fasting to validate my mornings of feeling really hungry.

What no one told me at the time was that by not eating breakfast, my brain was going into survival mode. The brains job is to protect your body, and this includes ensuring that there is enough food available to keep all the parts of the body functioning. My prolonged period of fasting indicated that this wasn’t the case.

I often found myself thinking constantly about food until lunch time, saving recipes, watching wieiad videos on TikTok and looking at menus for restaurants I wanted to go to. By the time lunch came, I was starving!

As I was still restricting myself, I would then also not eat enough to honour my hunger at lunch. Sometimes this restriction would last all day and I would feel that I had been ‘successful’, but often come mid-afternoon I would feel hungry again. This was typically when my first binge cycle would begin, lasting until I found the ‘discipline’ to start the process again.

Benefits of eating a balanced breakfast:

· Helps to encourage healthy eating for the rest of the day

· Starts your metabolism

· Curbs cravings later in the day

· Enhances focus

· Improves energy

· Prevents irritability and mood swings

· Balances blood sugar levels

· Stops constant thoughts about food

If you need a little inspiration

Here are some examples of breakfasts that I often eat. Remember: these are just foods that I enjoy and it’s important that you eat what actually tastes good to you.

"All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast" – John Gunther

1. Yoghurt Bowl

3tbsp Natural Yoghurt Handful of Blueberries Tsp Honey Topping of your choice (Chia seeds, flaked almonds, walnuts, homemade granola etc.)

2. Avocado on Rye Bread

Slice of Rye Bread

Mashed Avocado (mixed with salt,

pepper & chilli flakes)

Drizzle of Olive Oil

Option to add your favourite sort

of Egg and/or pumpkin seeds or seeds of your choice!

3. Overnight Oats (my fave<3)

Half Cup Oats (if you’re feeling brave – try doing it by eye) 150ml milk – I usually go for almond/oat

Tsp Cinnamon

1 Banana (1/2 mashed in and ½ for topping)

1 tbsp Peanut Butter (plus extra for topping)

Pinch of Salt

Optional Extras: Tsp Cocoa Powder, Chia Seeds

This is also great cooked in a saucepan until you reach your desired consistency – I usually cook it until it’s pretty thick!

A good tip for deciding what to eat for breakfast is to think about what nutrients are important to include in the morning. In general, a good breakfast may include:

- Calcium portion (milk, cheese, yoghurt, almonds)

- Complex Carbohydrate (rye bread, oats, fruit)

- Fruit (fairly self-explanatory )

- Protein (egg, salmon, cottage cheese, peanut butter)

- Fat (olive oil, avocado, seeds & nuts)

If you are reading this and you feel like you need permission to eat breakfast, this is it!

Go & enjoy food in the morning and in time see how this might impact how you eat for the rest of the day.

With Love,

A b i x x

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