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Tip of the Week

Sharing recovery tips I have found useful from either my personal experience, advice from my therapist or podcasts.  

Hopefully you'll find something here useful and if you have any suggestions that I could share email me at or message me here


Tip of the Week – The Morning Routine


The day after a binge/purge can feel very overwhelming and evoke feelings of high stress.  Often, we feel that we would like to undo the day before through compensation or feel anxious to make sure that the episode doesn’t repeat itself.  This can cause the body to feel that it is in danger and often cause our subconscious to take over to protect you from potential threat.  The problem with this is that for many of us – the brain has learnt that a quick way of making this feeling go away is to overeat.  However, more times than not this 

 leads us back to the same place of guilt and panic that we were in before. 


 It’s a vicious cycle.


One way in which I am overcoming this is through introducing a morning routine into my day.  This allows your conscious, rational mind to take centre stage and ensure that at least the first hour or so of your day are being used to take care of your body.  I have also found that after completing my morning routine, I am far more likely to fill the rest of my day with positivity and far less likely to binge/purge again.


Here are a few suggestions of things that I include in my morning routine:


  • Making my bed 

Often when I have binged/purged I will retreat to my bed, as it can feel comfortable to stay in bed until the feeling of guilt or overfullness subsides.  However, if this is something that you do too, your brain is likely to associate being in bed with the harmful activity you want to avoid.  By making your bed, you will hopefully feel less inclined to get back into it and it will also tell your subconscious – it’s daytime and that it’s going to be a positive day.


  • Mindfulness

The morning after bingeing/purging, I often find my mind going at 100mph trying to figure out how to avoid it happening again.  By doing even just 2 minutes of guided meditation you are allowing your mind to slow down and feel safe.  It can also help to bring you back to the present instead of panicking about the past which is out of your control.  Below is a link to a meditation that I find useful on days when I am struggling.


Guided Meditation to Reset After Overeating, Binge Eating and/or Emotional Eating


  • Skincare






Doing something a little bit extra to take care of yourself like a facemask or even just properly cleaning your face with cold water can help to rewrite the narrative in your head about yourself.  Bingeing and purging are notorious for making us feel unworthy and self-deprecating.  Selfcare on the other hand tells us that we are worth taking care of and can help to make you feel more inclined to take care of the rest of your body.  



  • Have a (Cold) Shower

I know this one can often be very hard to make yourself do, especially if you are feeling uncomfortably full.  However, if you feel that you can get a shower into your morning routine, I have found this to be one of the best ways to change my mindset both about what has happened the day before and how I am going to approach the rest of the day.

  • Eating Breakfast

When we have already overeaten, the idea of putting more food into our bodies can feel scary.  But not eating will only cause your brain to think about food more and increase the likelihood of overeating later in the day.  Try to eat something nutritious with some protein, like an egg or some yoghurt with granola and just see how this can influence how you eat the rest of the day.





These are just things that work for me and you might find that other things that work better for you!  Start by trying a morning routine on days when you feel more positive; this will make it easier to implement on those morning when we feel lacking in motivation.  


Here is a link to my TikTok video showing how I recover after a relapse in ED recovery:


I hope this helps!


With Love 

Abi xx

Image by Dane Wetton
  • Low-intensity movement

Instead of hitting the gym hard or forcing yourself into

10k steps, if you feel up to it try some gentle stretching

or maybe a short morning walk.  Often when we binge,

we don’t move our bodies a lot and doing some gentle

movement can help to improve our mindset.  Guilt and

stress can also put our body into flight or fight mode,

so moving your body can help to release some adrenaline and any tightness in your muscles.

Image by bruce mars
Image by Hello I'm Nik
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